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Shayla Oulette for Miss Teen Canada-World [Jul. 11th, 2010|09:39 pm]
Canadian Natives


Shayla has a Cree heritage and has relatives from the Muscowpetung Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan, and she also has Metis heritage with relatives from the Batoche area.
Shayla is my  little cousin who is currently competing in Toronto for the title of Miss Teen Canada-World. The thing is, for the first part of the competition each contestant must gain enough online votes in order to be guaranteed a spot in the top 20. It would be VERY much appreciated if you could vote for her. It takes mere minutes to do so!
Follow the link here and the instructions below!!!

EVERY VOTE HELPS! Tell your friends! Thank you :)
Voting for Miss Teen Canada opens today and goes until July 17th. Any votes help and it would be VERY much appreciated. A few things to note about voting.
1. Once you go to Shayla's page you will be asked to "become a VIP" fill out the information and if you feel uncomfortabletable giving your cell number, do not worry, as it is unnecessary.
2. You will be sent a confirmation email that will likely show up in your junk mail. Click the link and follow it back to the miss teen site, then proceed to vote for Shayla with your email.
Then that is it! It takes literally about 5 minutes!
Help Shayla win Miss Teen!
Thank you VERY Much
xoxo, ♥