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introductions and hellos. [Nov. 27th, 2008|12:39 am]
Canadian Natives
Upon joining, please post this survey so we can get to know you...

To introduce yourself to the community,
please use this quick survey:

Karlene Harvey

Age: 23


Are you aboriginal? yes

If so, which nation(s) do you belong to?
Chilcotin, okanagan, carrier

Are you enrolled in these nations? (And no, we will not pick on you if you say no to this question)

Do you reside on a reservation?

Do you participate in traditional/religious activities?
i'm an atheist trying to figure out spirituality.

Have you ever been to a PowWow? Have you participated or just watched?
yes, i've never participated though...

Have you always grown up with your aboriginal heritage, or are you having to reclaim it?
i've grown up with it, but i'm trying to reclaim the history (both family, nation-based history and just general knowledge).

Do you speak a First Nations language?
sadly no, but i'm finally getting my mom and grandma to teach me.

What is the most important part of being an aboriginal?
responsibility to give back as much as we can and take action towards defending our rights.

FOR ALL OF US... Interests, Please:
drawing, playing bass and guitar, comics, music, reading, writing...

I currently work at Redwire Magazine (www.redwiremag.com) as Arts Director. And while I'm not trying to spam this community i am really interested in doing outreach to find Native youth (under the age of 29) to submit to our publication. I really want to give opportunities to writers and artists and i feel that there's nothing more encouraging than becoming connected with Native youth communities and having your work published. I guess if people feel okay about this I might post a call-out for the next issue (it's about Food Sovereignty)? Let me know what you think about this.


Thank you!