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Hello [Sep. 10th, 2008|11:10 am]
Canadian Natives


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[music |Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining]

Name: Anna
Age: 19
Location: Vancouver, BC.
Are you aboriginal? Yes.
If so, which nation(s) do you belong to? Cree/Saulteaux
Are you enrolled in these nations? Only Saulteaux.
Do you reside on a reservation? No.
Do you participate in traditional/religious activities? Yes.
Have you ever been to a PowWow? Have you participated or just watched? Yes, I have to many of them actually. I use to dance when I was younger and I've been wanting to start again.
Have you always grown up with your aboriginal heritage, or are you having to reclaim it? Yes, I have. I grew up on my reservation for a couple of year when I was younger and after we moved my mother still kept us in touch with our roots. 
Do you speak a First Nations language? I can count to five! Other than that, no. :/
What is the most important part of being an aboriginal? Knowing where you come from,  how past generations have struggled to get us here. Being proud of your ancestry and accepting it.
For those not of a First Nation ancestry: What brings you here?
FOR ALL OF US... Interests, Please: I love reading, writing and taking pictures. Music is my life and I listen to all kinds of it. I'm a movie buff and a tv addict. I'm going to start learn how to bead and make regalia, for myself and my family.