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To introduce myself to the community survey: [Sep. 18th, 2008|11:47 pm]
Canadian Natives



Name: Martine

Age: 27

Location: Halifax Nova Scotia

Are you aboriginal? Yes

If so, which nation(s) do you belong to? Mik'maq

Are you enrolled in these nations? (And no, we will not pick on you if you say no to this question) I am not sure what is meant here if I am status or not? I am from the Mik'maw nation and status

Do you reside on a reservation? No but I grow up on one in Newfoundland

Do you participate in traditional/religious activities? No but do when I have the chance which is rare

Have you ever been to a PowWow? Have you participated or just watched? Yes I have seen the first Powwow at home when I was a teenager and I go when I am home.

Have you always grown up with your aboriginal heritage, or are you having to reclaim it? My reserve got status as a native reserve in 1984 just as I was in the school system so as the community starting reclaiming it's heritage I was able to learn and grow with it. But there so much I still need to learn

Do you speak a First Nations language? No

What is the most important part of being an aboriginal? The connection of everything that everything is connected. That there no center focus on self but the community.

For those not of a First Nation ancestry: What brings you here?

FOR ALL OF US... Interests, Please: