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Hello! [Aug. 17th, 2008|02:52 pm]
Canadian Natives


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Name:  Nick Rou [Shortened.]

Age:  13

Location:  Dauphin, MB

Are you aboriginal?  No.

If so, which nation(s) do you belong to? Cree on my mom's side. I'm Metis.

Are you enrolled in these nations?  I'm not old enough yet.

Do you reside on a reservation? No.

Do you participate in traditional/religious activities? Yes.

Have you ever been to a PowWow? Have you participated or just watched? Yes, I've danced in them as well.

Have you always grown up with your aboriginal heritage, or are you having to reclaim it? When I was younger I didn't know much about it, but yes, I've grown up with it.

Do you speak a First Nations language? No, sadly.

What is the most important part of being an aboriginal?  Being able to really participate in your culture and knowing who you are is something important to me. We have such a rich history, and I really enjoy learning about it, although I am young. I've always loved listening to stories, so it's no suprise I love hearing the legends of our people. There's deffinatly a sense of belonging. I've always had friends that are native as well, so I'm just so glad we have common ground.

Interests, Please: My interests are wide spread, and odd. Some of the ones I usually don't tell people about are: Anime, Doll collecting, and video gaming. Yup, I'm dork, not that that's a bad thing. I love the computer and just chatting with my online buds, whether they be from Ireland, or right here in Canada. I also do archery as my sport of choice, recurve to be exact. Those are just the ones worth mentioning. I've got plenty more.